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These flashcards present the key terms and definitions required to learn to master the Atomic Model. Easy to use, with the ability to mark the ones already known, these flashcards will help you get exam ready. Part of our series on Atomic Model.

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Isotope Atoms of the same element that have different masses due to different number of neutrons in the nucleus
Atomic number Number of protons in an atom
Mass number Total number of protons and neutrons in an atom
Relative atomic mass Mean mass of an atom of an element compared with carbon-12
Element A substance made up atoms which all have the same number of protons
Nuclear fission The splitting of an atom to produce atoms of a different element, neutrons and energy
Mendeleev's periodic table was arranged in order of Atomic weight
Moseley rearranged the periodic table in terms of Atomic number
Period A horizontal row of elements
Group Each column of elements
Newlands organised his octaves in order of Increasing atomic weight
According to Dobereiner... ... the atomic weight of the middle element is nearly the same as average of the atomic weights of other two elements.
Electronic configuration The way in which an atom's electrons are arranged