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Periods of English Old English - 450-1050 Middle English - 1050-1450 Early Modern English - 1450-1750 Modern English -1750 -1900 Contemporary - 1900 to present
1066 Norman Invasion. Split language use in England. French was considered prestigious. Lead to many Latinate and French borrowings
1467 Caxton's printing press in England. Replicates language easily and English books appear making language accessible
1525 Tyndale Bible is the first illegal English translation
1551 Rise of Grammarians in 16th Century. John Hart's book on punctuation
1586 William Bullkor's 'A Brief Grammar of English' focused on grammar
1604 Cawdrey's Dictionary very simple and brief definitions
1611 King James Bible is first commissioned English Bible. Still ued today along with idioms e.g. salt of the earth
16th - early 17th Century Shakespeare often credited with introducing many words and idioms. Used affixation and conversion Inkhorn Controversy- brought in new words to English language from the Classics deemed pretentious
1755 Dr Johnson's Dictionary tried to set a standard for orthography as well as defining words by their etymology
17th Century - 1776 Found America and then it became independant
1760-1800 Industrial Revolution - link to functional theory
18th Century Robert Lowth wanted English to be more like Latin
1870 Education Act making schooling compulsory until age 12. Improved literacy rates. Some local variation in spellings e.g burned and burnt
1884 OED was born
1922 BBC Radio on television 10 yrs later
Overt and Covert Prestige Labov, Covert Prestige = language gains prestige for being different to Standard Overt Prestige = Standard is prestigious
Howard Giles Accomodation theory Convergence = move speech closer to another Divergence = move speech away from a person Downwad convergence = moves accent down social ladder from RP to working class Upward convergence = Up social ladder
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