Plot Structure

Zane Balian .
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Grade 7 English Flowchart on Plot Structure, created by Zane Balian . on 12/27/2016.

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Zane Balian .
Created by Zane Balian . over 2 years ago
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Flowchart nodes

  • Exposition – beginning of the story where characters and setting are introduced
  • Rising Action – where the main character faces a series of conflicts
  • Inciting Moment - the event or decision that begins a story's problem
  • Climax – is the particular point in a narrative at which the conflict or tension hits the highest point
  • Falling Action – events leading to the end of the story
  • Resolution - the unfolding or solution of a complicated issue in a story. 
  • Setting – where the story takes placeConflict – as any struggle between opposing forces