CST Module 6a

Jane Foltz
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Flowchart on CST Module 6a, created by Jane Foltz on 17/05/2017.

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Jane Foltz
Created by Jane Foltz about 2 years ago
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Flowchart nodes

  •  3rd grader Ari is reading at grade level 1.5 according to your data
  • you bring these benchmark results to your RtI2 coordinator
  • Ari is placed in most intensive RtI2 reading group
  • After 6 weeks, data shows Ari has improved
  • After 6 weeks, data shows Ari has not improved
  • You follow site process for convening SST
  • What happens at the SST meeting? What is your role?
  •  Ari is not responding to interventions suggested by SST 
  • SST members include:
  • What is your role at the IEP meeting?
  • Ari is NOT found by team to have a qualifying condition per federal guidelines and team decision; no IEP    
  • Ari is with you for most of the school day, but he will receive pull-out services daily for reading.  How will you help implement this IEP? What are your legal responsibilities?
  • SST meeting held
  • outcome 1
  • Several follow up meetings held at regular intervals to review responses
  • Ari is responding to general ed classroom interventions
  • he will stay in your classroom and continue to receive adaptations and high-quality instruction 
  • outcome 2
  • You request in writing  that Ari be tested for special ed eligibility
  •  Ari's parents sign consent for testing;Ari is assessed by team of specialists
  • IEP team meets to review findings
  •  Ari is found to have a qualifying condition per strict federal guidelines and team decision
  • outcome 3
  • Ari will have an IEP
  • Team data and observations suggest that Ari has a  condition that significantly impedes his school performance; he has not responded to instruction + intervention, team suggests 504 plan be developed
  • outcome 5
  • What will a 504 plan mean for Ari and for you?
  • outcome 4
  • KEY TO PROCESSESRtI2 SST Special Ed eligibility504