Western Front - Advanced Treatment and Care

Andrew Burke
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As part of our series on the Western Front, this chart summarises the main medical advancements that were made during the first world war as medics adapted to the new would types, diseases and maladies.

Andrew Burke
Created by Andrew Burke about 2 years ago
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Flowchart nodes

  • How war impacted the development of treatment and care of those wounded in battle
  • Fighting infection and preventative measures.  - increased use of vaccinations  - aseptic surgery on the battlefield  - preventative measures: regular inspection of soldiers for trench foot  - development of gas masks
  • New surgical techniques - number of operations heightened, increasing surgeons experience  - surgeons become specialists in certain areas - development of skin grafts and plastic surgery
  • Investment  - Government spending increased for research and experimentation during war
  • Improved battlefield medical aid  - more efficient system to evacuate the wounded developed - development of specific medical aid posts - commencement of the triage system
  • Development of life saving technologies  - X-ray machine that was portable  - blood banks and blood transfusions  - the Thomas Splint