landscapes : every thing we can see in a area


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landscapes : every thing we can see in a area
  1. valley
    1. area of low land between mountains
    2. mountain range


      • sierra: grupo de montañas
      1. group of a mountains
      2. island


        • isla : área de terreno rodeada por agua.
        1. area of land that is surrounded by water
        2. bay
          1. part of the landscape where the sea goes into the land
          2. slopes
            1. sides of a mountain
            2. foot
              1. bottom part of a mountain
              2. man-made features
                1. characteristics of a landscape that people have made
                2. beach
                  1. area of low,flat land near the sea
                  2. plateaus
                    1. area of flat land that is high,with steeps sides
                    2. crop
                      1. area of flat land where people plant
                      2. relief
                        1. different land forms in a landscape
                        2. natura features
                          1. characteristics of a landscapes that have been made by natural
                          2. archipielago
                            1. group of islands
                            2. cliff
                              1. high wall of rock next to the sea
                              2. cape
                                1. part of the land that goes into the sea
                                2. summit
                                  1. top of a mountain
                                  2. plain
                                    1. low and large area of flat land
                                    2. FIN
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