Singular and Plural Nouns


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Singular and Plural Nouns
  1. Regular Plural Nouns
    1. Add –s to make most nouns plural.
      1. Girl
        1. The girls drink water.
        2. Book
          1. The books are expensive
        3. Add –es to nouns ending in s, sh, ch, x and o.
          1. Tomato
            1. I can eat three tomatoes.
          2. When a noun ends with a consonant + y, change y to i and add –es.
            1. Dictionary
              1. In my house have many dictionaries.
          3. Irregular Plural Nouns
            1. Child
              1. The children play soccer.
            2. The Verb“to be”
              1. Negative form
                1. You are not a student.
                2. Interrogative form
                  1. Are they musicians?
                3. Demonstrative Pronouns
                  1. This
                    1. Put the pencil in this box.
                    2. That
                      1. That man was my father.
                      2. These
                        1. These shoes are too big.
                        2. Those
                          1. Those questions are difficult.
                        3. Adjectives
                          1. Garry Kasparov is an excellent play chess.
                          2. Imperatives
                            1. Don't run in the classroom.
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