Pride and Prejudice


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Pride and Prejudice
  1. Mr. Darcy, that she would not trust herself with an answer
    1. Mr. Darcy, it determined her not to attend her cousins to Rosings
      1. Elizabeth noticed every sentence conveying the idea
        1. she was suddenly roused by the sound of the door-bell
    2. Elizabeth's astonishment was beyond expression
      1. she could not be insensible to the compliment of such a man's affection
        1. Elizabeth awoke the next morning to the same thoughts and meditations which had at length closed her eyes
          1. Elizabeth opened the letter, and, to her still increasing wonder
      2. If Elizabeth, when Mr. Darcy gave her the letter
        1. But when this subject was succeeded by his account of Mr. Wickham--when she read with somewhat clearer attention
          1. She perfectly remembered
            1. But as Elizabeth could not receive comfort from any such expectation, she made no answer.
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