Luxury Goods


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Jesús Pérez
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Luxury Goods
  1. Authenticity Matters
    1. Authentic and Original Products
      1. Pride
      2. Feeling
        1. Fake
          1. Real
        2. Self - Esteem an luxury goods
          1. Sense of Belonging
            1. Low self steem
              1. Sense of accomlishment for do a good job
                1. Feeling blue
                2. EMOTIONS
                  1. APPEARANCES
                    1. EXPENSIVE = QUALITY
                  2. The Irrational Consumer
                    1. People don't behave rationally
                      1. Apple is an example of that
                        1. Each new product has many sales
                        2. They will pay more for brand name products
                          1. Some people believemat higher prices better quality
                            1. they trent to ignore quality-price relation
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