A raisin in the sun.


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A raisin in the sun.
  1. Walter Lee Younger
    1. * Middle 30’s
      1. Husband of Ruth, father of Travis, brother of Beneatha, and son of Mama Younger.
        1. Chauffeur
          1. His dream is to invest in a liqour business, in order to become an independient and valuable human being.
          2. Ruth Younger
            1. Walter’s wife and Travis’s mother
              1. Housekeeper
                1. 30
                  1. Emotionally strong woman.
                    1. Pessimistic
                    2. Beneatha Younger
                      1. Mama’s daughter and Walter’s sister
                        1. 20 years old
                          1. Intellectual
                            1. Has a higher education
                              1. Dream: Be a doctor and a well educated black woman
                                1. Struggles to find her identity
                                2. Lena Younger "Mama"
                                  1. The mother of Walter Lee and Beneatha, mother-in-law of Ruth, and grandmother of Travis.
                                    1. Religious, moral, and maternal
                                      1. Dream: Wishes her family to move up in the world.
                                      2. Joseph Asagai
                                        1. African college student from Nigeria
                                          1. Good looking and personable
                                          2. Travis Younger
                                            1. 10 years
                                              1. Walter and Ruth’s son
                                                1. Likeable child
                                                2. George Murchinson
                                                  1. College student
                                                    1. Wealthy background
                                                      1. Submit to white culture and forget his African heritage
                                                        1. Arrogant and intellectual.
                                                        2. Mr. Karl Lindner
                                                          1. White
                                                            1. He prsuades the Youngers not to move into the white neighborhood
                                                            2. Willy Harris
                                                              1. He stoles the Walter's insurrance money
                                                              2. Mrs. Johnson
                                                                1. Younger's neighbor
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