Verb tense


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Verb tense
  1. Present simple: We need to use present simple a lot in english,so it's really important to undertand this were
    1. Affirmative: I am
      1. Negative: I am not
        1. Interrogative: am I?
      2. Present continuos: The present continuos tense in english is really easy to make and is the same for all verbs:we make ir using the present continuos of'be' + verb-ing
        1. Affirmative:I am sleeping
          1. Negative: I am not sleeping
            1. Interrogative: Is he working?
          2. Past simple:It's similar to the present simple because it has different rules for the verb 'be' , shich becomes ' was' or 'were'
            1. Affirmative: I was cold
              1. Negative: You were not on the bus
                1. Interrogative: How was she?
              2. Past continuos: How can we make the past continuos?,firstly,check that you know how to make the past simple with ' be' .
                1. Affirmative:You were working
                  1. Negative: You were not working
                    1. Interrogative:Were you working?
                2. Future simple: The simple future tense is very easy to make and is very useful
                  1. Affirmative: You will come
                    1. Negative: You will not be late
                      1. Interrogative: Will she dance?
                    2. Present perfect simple: To make the positive present perfect tense ,use: Have/has + past participle,Make the past participle by adding ed to regular verbs,There are a few verbs that change their spelling when you add ed,we also have some completely irregular verbs.
                      1. Affirmative: You have worked
                        1. Negative: you have not been to asia
                          1. Interrogative: Has she met john?
                        2. Present perfect continuos:How good are you at the present perfect continuos tense? It's not very common tense, and often it's not taught in classes,but we do use it sometimes and it's very good to know how to make it, and to recognise it when other people use it.
                          1. Affirmative: She has been swimming
                            1. Negative: It has not been raining
                              1. Interrogative:Have it been raining?
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