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  1. is held annually on March 17 to commemorate the death of St. Patrick
    1. St. Patrick's Day is celebrated worldwide for all the Irish and even people who have no Irish ancestry.
      1. Christians and non-Christians celebrate the holiday by dressing in green regularly, enjoying Irish cuisine which includes cabbage and Irish drinks
        1. San Patricio is a day for fun and to share with friends and family. Nothing to go home quickly after work to get in bed, get out and have fun.
          1. St. Patrick's Day is the Irish national holiday, and green is the national color of Ireland. Therefore, especially in this day has to be green: the clothes, the decor of your home, your workplace
            1. tradition in Ireland is a small tweak to encourage everyone who does not wear a garment of this color.
            2. Cooking a meal typically Irish
              1. The Irish cuisine has always been known for using very simple ingredients: potatoes, meat, fish, butter and lots of vegetables
              2. You go to an Irish bar.
                1. Nothing better to relax after work and enjoy the St. Patrick's day to go to an Irish bar with your friends and have a few beers
                  1. In many of them he even dyed green beer in honor of St. Patrick.
                  2. Watch out for snakes!
                    1. is tradition to spend all kinds of jokes related to snakes, from which sprout boats snakes to open up plastic snakes
                    2. Clubs, clubs and more clubs.
                      1. This plant is very typical in Ireland and is closely linked to the tradition of St. Patrick, as legend has it that the pattern explained the Christian concept of the Holy Trinity using one of these
                      2. Do not forget to toast with beer
                        1. One of the national drink of Ireland. Useless to celebrate St. Patrick's Day but is toasting with a beer in hand.
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