SAB7#103 Manage Project Team


Mind Map on SAB7#103 Manage Project Team, created by Raúl Ladrón de Gueva on 08/25/2015.
Raúl Ladrón de Gueva
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Raúl Ladrón de Gueva
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SAB7#103 Manage Project Team
  1. Scope of the Project
    1. Working People Management
      1. As it is ?
        1. Job
          1. Employment Relationship
            1. Performance
            2. Making a team
              1. Encouraging good communication
                1. Working with other organizations
                  1. Using leadership skills
                    1. Using negotiation skills
                      1. Observation
                        1. Using an issue log
                          1. Keeping in touch
                            1. Performance Evaluations
                              1. Making good decisions
                                1. Influencing the stakeholders
                              2. Development Team
                                1. Balance at work
                                  1. Organization
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