The National Front


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The National Front
  1. The Start of the national front
    1. in 1958 they make eleccions to choose a civil goverment
      1. the members of the congres sould be same liberals and conservatives
        1. In may of the same year Alberto Lleras Camarlengo was choosen as colombian president
          1. He started the period called The National Front
    2. it represents the efort of trying to make Union and Peace and finish "La Violencia" in colombia
      1. Presidents
        1. Alberto Lleras Camargo
          1. his principal objective was to make peace in the country because it was all afected because of la violencia. he made the law of reforma agraria
          2. Guillermo Leon Valencia
            1. his goverment was called the national peace because of his dedication to end with la guerilla and la violencia, he aumented the petrolio and give public services to poor cities
            2. Carlos Lleras Restrepo:
              1. his Goverment was called the national transformation because of the constitutional reform in 1968. he designed the agrarian reform and the power of the president and the mayors were expanded
              2. Miguel Pastrana Botero:
                1. his goverment was called the social change, he worked for the social problems and stablished a sistem of units of adquisitive power. he was choosen president in election against rojas pinilla
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