A level Computing: Comparing operating system's features

Zacchaeus Snape
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A Levels Computing (Programming Concepts) Mind Map on A level Computing: Comparing operating system's features, created by Zacchaeus Snape on 06/12/2014.

Zacchaeus Snape
Created by Zacchaeus Snape over 5 years ago
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A level Computing: Comparing operating system's features
1 Desktop
1.1 Must be able to run many different types of software
1.2 Usually requires large amount of processing power
1.3 Must support a wide range of peripherals
1.4 Must run on a wide range of hardware
2 Embedded
2.1 lower hardware requirements
2.2 limited or no user interface
2.3 designed to operate on its own from within other machinery
2.4 limited memory capacity
2.5 limited battery life in potable devices
3 Network
3.1 redirects requests for resources elsewhere on the network
3.2 layer of software added to the operating system
4 Mobile
4.1 limited amount of memory
4.2 limited amount of processing power
4.3 battery of limited power
4.4 must manage a network connection
4.5 some embedded features
4.5.1 continually sending data packets to the mobile phone base stations
5 Interactive
5.1 User interacts directly with the system
5.2 user receives the results of processing immediately
6 Server
6.1 optimised to provide a specialised service
6.2 maximises performance on that task
7 Real-time
7.1 inputs are processed in a timely manner
7.2 output can affect the source of the inputs
7.3 support programs which are non-sequential
7.4 deal with unpredictable events which can happen in parallel
7.5 carry out processing and produce response within specified time interval
7.6 must be fail-safe
7.7 Examples
7.7.1 Aircraft control system
7.7.2 Camera

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