Causes of the First World War

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Causes of the First World War
1 Long term rivalry between the Great Powers of Europe
1.1 Tensions intensified before the first world war.
1.2 Conflict and competition emerged over the size of the armed forces and an arms race developed.
1.3 arms race between Britain & Germany over naval armaments and Germany, France & Russia over army size.
2 Problems in the Balkans
2.1 Conflicts and power struggles that took place in the Balkans were a source of instability before the war
2.2 The Ottomans had controlled the area but their grip had weakened
2.3 In 1908 Austria-Hungary annexed Bosnia, a multi-ethnic state containing man serbs
3 The alliance system
3.1 Formation of 2 groups of alliances added to tensions in Europe
3.2 France, Britain and Russia formed the Triple Entente
3.3 Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy joined together in the Triple Alliance
3.4 Germany feared the possibility of fighting, against Russia and France
3.4.1 Developed the Schlieffen Plan
4 The murder of Franz Fedinand
4.1 28th June 1914
4.2 Killed by Gavrilo Princip
4.3 heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne
4.4 The murder was organised by Serb nationalists who wanted Bosnia to unite with Serbia
4.5 Russia, concerned to prevent Austria-Hungary from gaining more territory from Serbia, mobilised their army and the Austrians (backed by Germany) invaded Serbia on July 19th

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