Trinity Grade 4 Topics

Katya Morrell
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Mind Map on Trinity Grade 4 Topics, created by Katya Morrell on 06/20/2014.

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Katya Morrell
Created by Katya Morrell over 5 years ago
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Trinity Grade 4 Topics
1 Festivals
1.1 What Festivals do you celebrate?
1.2 What is your favorite Festival?
1.3 Do you like to talk about Fesitvals? Why?
1.4 Do you have exciting stories to tell about Fesitvals?
1.5 Will you go to a Festival this year?
2 Means of Transport
2.1 How do you travel throughout Madrid?
2.2 Have you ever been on an airplane? Where did you fly?
2.3 Have you ever been on a cruise? Describe your experience.
2.4 What do you think travel will be like in the future?
2.5 Is there a means of transport you are afraid of? Why?
3 Special Ocassions
3.1 What are some special ocassions that you celebrate each year?
3.2 How do you celebrate your birthday? Do you like birthdays?
3.3 Have you ever been to a wedding? Did you enjoy it? Do you have any stories to tell?
3.4 Do you have any siblings? Do you remember when they were born? What happened?
3.5 Do you celebrate Christmas, Easter, Ramadan or more? Can you share details about your experiences?
4 Entertainment
4.1 Do you like to go to the cinema? Why?
4.2 What can you do for entertainment in your ciry?
4.3 Do you think watching television is healthy? Why? What TV shows do you watch?
4.4 What is your favorite movie? Why? Does it teach a lesson?
4.5 Have you ever been to the theater? What did you see? Describe your experience.
5 Music
5.1 Do you have a favorite song? What does it mean to you?
5.2 Who is your favorite singer or band? Why?
5.3 Do you play an instruments? Do you want to learn more?
5.4 Have you ever been to a concert? What was it? Describe your experience.
5.5 Do you think music class is important in school? Why?
6 Recent Personal Experiences
6.1 Has anything exciting happened to you recently? What?
6.2 Have you experienced anything difficult recently? What happened?
6.3 Have you done anything unique or adventerous recently? Describe your experience.
6.4 If you could share one experience from your life, what would it be and why?
6.5 What is the weirdest thing you have experienced? What happened?

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