Impact of Churchill

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Impact of Churchill
  1. Extreme Imperialist
    1. Very anti-reform, likes the empire as it is
    2. Strong views on race
      1. Sees India as 'Jewel in the crown'
        1. Crown = empire, Jewel= India
          1. Saw India as most important country in the empire
            1. Valued India as he believed that ruling India made the empire look good
        2. Very Patriotic
          1. Conservative
            1. Maverick
              1. Bend the rules
                1. Holds strong opinions
                  1. Different and proud of it
                  2. When he is appointed, SoSI resigns
                    1. SoSI knew his opinions would clash with Churchill's
                      1. No point staying in position, will never be able to negotiate with Churchill
                    2. 1940 Offer
                      1. Offers Indians dominion status after war
                        1. Rejected by Congress - wanted purna swaraj
                          1. Churchill possibly did this on purpose - knew congress would reject it, makes it look like Congress are being awkward whereas Brits are trying to help
                      2. Atlantic Charter 1941
                        1. Churchill + Roosevelt agree terms which included support for 'sovereign rights and self government'
                          1. Interpreted differently
                            1. Churchill
                              1. Believed it to only apply to newly created countries - not those currently in empire
                              2. Roosevelt
                                1. Believed it to apply to all countried
                                  1. Roosevelt consistently pushed Churchill to make concessions to Indian nationalist demands
                                    1. Roosevelt thought it was needed to make progress, however Churchill saw it as defeat
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