The Neil Cripps Mission

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The Neil Cripps Mission
1 Aims
1.1 To win backing for the 1940 offer
1.1.1 By discussing the processes that were necessary to bring about dominion status
1.2 To discuss arrangements for the duration of the war on the basis of the 1935 govt of India act
1.2.1 had some minimal scope for additional indian reps on exec council
1.3 Underlying reason
1.3.1 To please the Americans - keep them onside
2 Why it failed
2.1 Defeatist attitude from Indians
2.2 Hindus and Muslims couldn't work together
2.3 Cripps went beyond brief
2.3.1 Offers India their own defence office, without permission, forced to withdraw offer
2.4 Churchill set it up to fail
2.4.1 Sent Cripps to offer dominion status Knew Indians would reject it But to the Americans it looks like Brits are trying
3 Congress reaction
3.1 Wanted purna swaraj - not offered
3.2 Little for Congress to support
3.2.1 Only good offer - Defence Minister - was withdrawn
3.3 Muslims appeared to have gained the right to stay out of a future united India
3.3.1 Annoys Congress
4 Impact/Effect
4.1 Ensures greater support from US
4.1.1 they see Brits are trying - give their support
4.2 Causes Congress to launch Quit India
4.3 Seems to enhance ML's status, they're more willing to negotiate than Congress
4.4 Reduced international sympathy for Congress' demand on reform
4.4.1 shown as being awkward and non-negotiable
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