The way culture and teaching languages are related

Catalina Arenas Agudelo
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The way culture is related to teaching languages

Catalina Arenas Agudelo
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The way culture and teaching languages are related
1 Culture and society are influenced by the language
1.1 To be successful in language learning I need to know about the culture that language comes from
1.1.1 Teachers need to teach how a language operates technically and culturally.
2 Language and culture have a reciprocal relation
2.1 They are connected and one influences the other
2.1.1 Language is the way we communicate thoughts, beliefs, feelings and reactions about everything. It is used to express all our traditions and heritage; our particular way to see the world. thoughts beliefs feelings reactions Culture is totally embeeded into the language “A language is a part of a culture and a culture is a part of a language; the two are intricately interwoven so that one can not separate the two without losing the significance of either language or culture.” Brown (2000, p.177): If we, as teachers pretend to separate culture from language we are not teaching the language, we only would teach a sum of information without social conection. Therefore it is necessary that teachers could talk about the culture, comparing similarities and stating differences between both, target and native language

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