Heroes: Francis Cassavant

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Heroes: Francis Cassavant
1 Throughout the novel Francis reiterates his love for Nicole. Right from the outset we know that it will "always be Nicole"
1.1 "I thought of Nicole Renard, realising I had not thought of her for, oh, maybe two hours"
2 He describes his physical injuries from the war in grotesque, horrifying detail, emphasising his monstrous appearance.
3 He tells us earlier on in the book that he has intentions to kill Larry LaSalle.
4 He describes the gun that he is carrying to be "like a tumour on my thigh", indicating that it is a burden that he is carrying & he finds it uncomfortable
5 He is driven by the guilt of having left Nicole to be raped by LaSalle, an event for which he blames himself, because he broke his promise not to leave her alone that night
5.1 "My betrayal of her in my eyes"
6 He enters the war with intentions to die with 'honour' rather than committing suicide because, being a strong Catholic, he knew it would be disgraceful towards his parents: "I went to war because I wanted to die... I wouldn't be disgracing my father & mother's name"
7 Becuase he only went to war to kil himself, he does not consider himself a hero & thinkhs he does not deserve his Silver Star award
8 He refuses to accept sympathy people after feeling that he doesn't deserve it: "I shake my head, not deserving his sympathy"
9 He has a wild imagination & often refers himself to different fairytale characters/literature books
9.1 "...like a knight at her feet, her sword having touched my shoulder"
9.2 "...like a sentry on lonely guard duty"
9.3 The scarf is white & silk like the aviators wore in their airplanes back during the First World War"
10 Francis claims that he will kill Larry LaSalle but when it comes to the event, his hand is shaking & he is overwhlemed. In the end, Larry ends up killing himself showing that Francis wouldn't have had the courage to go forward with the event.
11 Francis often has nightmares about his time in the war
11.1 I explode into wakefulness.. and I find myself gasping"

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