F454 Project Ideas

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F454 Project Ideas
1 Charitable
1.1 An app that allows charitable organisations to freely advertise events that are being held near the user. It will show a map and use the user's current location to show how far the event is from their current position and display directions using a feature such as Google Maps.
2 A Game
2.1 Genre
2.1.1 RPG Fantisy Medevil Futuristic
2.1.2 Strategy Real Time
2.1.3 Simulation RPG world tie in
2.1.4 Tower Defence
2.1.5 Educational
2.2 Art Style
2.2.1 Pixel Art
2.2.2 Cartoony
2.3 Concept
2.3.1 Pixel RPG
3 Utilities Software
3.1 A piece of software that manages the heat of a system. Displays the heat in a way the user can see and allows them to set actions that will automatically happen if the system reaches a certain temperature (defined by the user), such as a system shutdown, make actions that would increase temperature cancel or make it so that a warning would appear notifying the user of this.
4 Educational
4.1 A quiz that allows students to test their ability and knowledge and saves their results for future reference. This can then be displayed as a percentage and used to calculate a grade that can then be sent to the teacher with the answers so that they can evaluate their progress.
4.2 End User: Mark

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