'Macbeth' Themes

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'Macbeth' Themes
1 Kingship
2 Appearance vs Reality
2.1 Equivocation
2.1.1 * Shakespeare aligns equivocation with evil in an attempt to please King James I.
2.1.2 * The witches use equivocal language to encourage Macbeth to kill Duncan.
2.1.3 * The equivocal apparitions bolster Macbeth's confidence and tempt him towards greater evil.
2.2 Hallucinations and Dreams
2.2.1 * Macbeth's hallucinations reveal his fraying mental state.
2.2.2 * Shakespeare uses the motif of hallucinations to reveal Macbeth's guilt.
2.2.3 * Lady Macbeth's guilt is revealed through sleepwalking.
2.3 Deception
2.3.1 * Ironically, Duncan sees how deceptive individuals can falsely win his trust.
2.3.2 * Lady Macbeth uses deception as a strategy within the play.
2.3.3 * Macbeth also uses deception as a key tactic.
3 Evil

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