Nam June Paik

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Nam June Paik
1 Title: "TV Clock", Year: 1989 version. Medium: Twenty-four manipulated color televisions; silent; Dimensions: variable dimensions.
1.1 Ideas
1.1.1 Time Chronology expressed through the use of multiple tv monitors with different visuals (direction of the lines) arranged in a row White lines could suggest the hands of a clock
1.1.2 Technology TV monitors with single white lines Rotated tv monitors Merely visual, static Image greatly simplified or reduced
1.1.3 Zen Minimalist and simplistic
1.2 Techniques
1.2.1 Digital manipulation Magnetism Minimalist In comparison to other works like "Electronic Superhighway", there is a marked difference in the amount of visual information, movement
1.2.2 Installation
2 Artwork 1
2.1 Ideas (Artwork 1)
2.2 Techniques (Artwork 1)

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