The Effects of Smoking

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The Effects of Smoking
1 Short Term Effects of Smoking
1.1 getting gum disease
1.1.1 awful breath yellow teath reduction in smell and taste weaker immune system stained hands high chances of regular cold and flu
2 Long term effect of smoking
2.1 heart disease
2.1.1 lung disease cancer Throat Cancer cancer on the mouth cancer on the nose cancer on the oesophagus cancer in the pancrease cancer on the kidney cancer on the liver cancer on the bladder cancer on the bowel cancer on the cervix bone cancer cancer on the stomach ovarian cancer
2.2 poor blood circulation
2.2.1 may lead to pain in the feet hand and in server cases amputaition
3 effects of passive smoking
3.1 risk of lung cancer is increased by 20% to 30$
3.1.1 passive smoking can cause premature death passive increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome also known as SIDS heart disease lung cancer coronary heart disease middle ear disease the unborn child might get asthma
4 The Effects of Smoking on Children
4.1 it is estimated that 23 Australian children under the age of fifteen died from second hand smoking in 1993
5 Effects of smoking during pregnancy
5.1 increased risk of miscarriage stillbirth and premeture birth
5.2 low weight
5.2.1 may have lasting effect of the growth and development of children increased risk of heart disease may cause strokes high blood pressure being over weight and having diabetes in adult hood increased risk of child having cleft palate and cleft lip (when the mouth is deformed) fatal sleep accidents
6 Victorian Laws of tobacco smoke
6.1 no smoking in cars with children 18 years or younger
6.1.1 no smoking within 10 meters of a skate park no smoking within 10 meters of outdoor sporting venues during under 18 event no smoking within 10 meters of children's play equipment no smoking in all areas of train station, covered bus shelters, raised platform tram stops and all tram stop shelters no smoking within the outdoor areas of all public swimming pool complexes no smoking at all Victoria patrolled beaches within 50 meters of a red and yellow flag
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