Philosophy Unit 1 - Belief about Deity

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Philosophy Unit 1 - Belief about Deity
1 What is God like?
1.1 Is God a kind of person?
1.1.1 A personal God refers to God as a person
1.1.2 An impersonal God refers to God as a concept/idea
1.2 Where is God?
1.2.1 An immanent God - A God who is in the world with us
1.2.2 A transcendent God - A God who is outside the world
1.3 Is there one God or many Gods?
1.3.1 Monotheism -the idea of one God
1.3.2 Polytheism - the belief in more than one God
2 God's nature
2.1 Omnipresent - God is everywhere at all times
2.2 Omnipotent - God is all powerful
2.3 Omniscient - God is all knowing
2.4 Transcendent - God is eternal
2.5 Creator - God made the world and we should value it
2.6 Omnibenevolent - God is all good
2.7 Judge - God will judge everyone
3 The Trinity
3.1 God the Father
3.1.1 Displaying God created everything
3.1.2 Shows a close and loving relationship, we are his children
3.1.3 Some call him 'Mother'
3.2 God the Son
3.2.1 Some believe Jesus was the Son of God
3.2.2 God sent him to teach right
3.2.3 God sent him to sacrifice himself
3.2.4 The Ressurection shows God has power over Death
3.3 God the Holy Spirit
3.3.1 Sent to earth when Jesus rose from the dead
3.3.2 In art it is shown in the form of a dove, a symbol of peace and hope
4 Why Christian's believe in God
4.1 The universe could not have come into existence by itself
4.2 Everything in the world is so beautifully designed for its purpose
4.3 There must be a God who gives people consciences
4.4 Answered prayers
4.5 Healing an ill relative
4.6 People are brought up in christian families
5 Why people do not believe in God
5.1 The universe may have happened by accident, the Big Bang
5.2 Evolution
5.3 Consciences are from how we are brought up
5.4 Growing up in a Christian family could just be a custom
5.5 Personal religious experiences could be mistaken
5.6 Space travel proves there is no heaven
5.7 Different religions contradict eachother
5.8 No-one can prove God exists
6 Miracles
6.1 A happening that is against all odds defying the laws of science
6.2 Why some may not beleive in miracles
6.2.1 It is supersticiuos
6.2.2 Always a scientific explanation
6.2.3 They may say a story was exaggerated
6.2.4 If God can do miracles why does he not do them more often?
6.3 Intervening in the world through Jesus
6.3.1 Jesus is God in human form
6.3.2 Jesus delivered words from God
6.3.3 Healing shows Gods love/power
6.3.4 Jesus sacrified himself
6.3.5 Jesus rose from the dead
6.4 Intervening in the world through the Holy Spirit
6.4.1 Working through the lives of humans
6.4.2 Sent to followers to tell about Christianity
6.4.3 Helps humans understand what God wants from them
6.4.4 Gives courage
6.4.5 Helps tell about faith

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