tiny house movement

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tiny house movement
1 cost
1.1 the average tiny house cost ranges from 20,000 to 50,000 to build by your self
2 efficientcy
2.1 small space to heat up
3 storage
3.1 as it name says tiny house only provides room for essencials
3.2 stops you buying the things you don;t need
4 customizing
4.1 there are three main types of tiny houses
4.1.1 tree house most tiny tree houses are built to fit the tree if it grows or swings some tiny tree houses have pulley systems tiny tree house are either cubed with mirrors on them to keep the beauty of the forest suspended sphere to give you a pendulum swinging effect
4.1.2 rv takes away the laws of having a house because its on wheels movable so if your job requires you to move your house can go with you
4.1.3 regular tiny houses normal tiny houses are usually a little community built quite close to each other and have one community garden that everyone uses share yard work and help each other in need
4.2 accesories
4.2.1 tiny houses give you the liberty of adding any thing you want hobbies tiny houses can hold most hobbies like a telescope or a dark room if you want some people have a room just for things they like sports tiny houses can hold most sporting needs like basketball hoops and surfboard racks
5 tiny houses in genral
5.1 tiny houses can be customised to suit your wants and needs
5.2 socializing
5.2.1 the lack of space forces you to get out more
5.2.2 if your house is an RV you have to park it at a friends familys or public camping groun
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