Rise of Hitler

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Rise of Hitler
1 A Slow start
1.1 Hitler
1.1.1 Born 1889
1.1.2 Father married his niece, was violent and died when Hitler was 10
1.1.3 Mother spoils him and dies from cancer when he was 18 She was treated by a jew
1.1.4 War Corporal Blinded by gas attack Filled with rage when he found out about Armistice Stabbed in the back
1.1.5 Post war Bitter unemployed Blamed Jews and Communists Got job investigating extremist groups
1.2 Party
1.2.1 DAP (German workers Party)
1.2.2 1 out of hundreds of extremist groups
1.2.3 Anton Drexler was Leader
1.2.4 Hitler listens while investigating
1.2.5 Joins in 1919 and becomes popular
1.2.6 Becomes head of propaganda
1.2.7 1920 Starts making key policies(25 point programs) Including Greater Germany, Work, Good leader Renamed Nationalist Socialist party(NAZIS) Hitler becomes leader
1.2.8 1921 Party's army is created (storm troopers)
2 Great depression.Rise of Hitler
2.1 Depression
2.1.1 High Unemployment meant more people voted for extremist groups
2.1.2 Government was slow as Reichtag was devided More elections where called


  • Elections-votes 1928-12 1930-107 1932 July-230 1932 Nov-196
2.2 Opposition
2.2.1 Communists very popular People scared of them so Nazis used it
2.3 Nazis
2.3.1 Tactics Speeches-Hitler Blamed Used negative cohesion Used Media
2.3.2 Where New and exiting
2.3.3 Policies Greater Germany Destroy the TofV Jobs Restore Traditional Values Strong Leader
2.4 Behind the scenes
2.4.1 President tried lots of different chancellors


  • Briining, Van paper, Von Schleicher
2.4.2 July 1930 Nazis biggest party-Hitler Demands chancellor
2.4.3 Secret meeting makes Hitler Chancellor. But high jobs go to conservatives
3 Nazis in the wildness
3.1 Reorganisation
3.1.1 Splits Germany in National lines with Nazi party in each area
3.1.2 Ernst Rohan in charge of SA
3.1.3 Forms SS
3.2 Support
3.3 Political success?
3.3.1 Only got 12 seats 1928
3.3.2 Most votes from farmers and small business men
3.4 Hitler in prison
3.4.1 Lansbury prison easy.
3.4.2 Wrote 'My Strugle'
3.4.3 Decides Consitition best way so becomes a Political Party
4 1923 Attempted Resolution
4.1 Aims
4.1.1 To persuade Bavarian government to support Hitler
4.1.2 Supported by Storm troopers and General Ludendorff
4.1.3 Invade Meeting March in Berlin Take Capital
4.2 What Happened
4.2.1 Interrupted Meeting Kahr taken into side room and forced to agree at gun point General Ludendorff left in charge Allows politicians to tell wives They warn officials
4.2.2 March on Berlin 16 Nazis Killed Hitler runs but is arrested two days later
4.3 Consequences
4.3.1 Hitler trialed by same judge that trialed him for a small crime before
4.3.2 Makes a speech at trial that gets National publisity Gains popularity
4.3.3 Judge gives lenient sentance in nice prison only served 8 months

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