Medieval Europe

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Medieval Europe
1 Change from the ancient world to the modern
1.1 When Rome we overthrown there was a period of time called the dark ages.
1.1.1 lasted for aprox 500 years.
1.2 Fall of the Roman Empire in 410CE
1.3 The Roman empire was under attack from nomadic tribes so retreated from England to protect Rome.
2 The feudal system
2.1 Rulers
2.1.1 nobles, clergy learned people merchants, artisans peasants, surfs landless people slaves
2.2 educated people spoke Latin
2.3 The Magna Carta stated that Kings also had to obey laws
2.3.1 King John was forced to sign it by his nobles in 1215CE
2.3.2 Latin for "Great Charta"
3 Medieval mannor
3.1 Nobles owned a mannor (or more)
3.2 There was a church on a mannor
3.3 people who worked on the mannor lived in the mannor
3.4 Was very self-sufficient
4 Medieval towns
4.1 Did not follow the feudal system
4.2 Traders were attracted to towns
4.3 As towns got bigger because of more trade, the feudal system broke down
4.4 The domesday book kept a record about who owns what land
5 Crime and punishment
5.1 Your punishment depended on your age, gender and class
5.2 trial by ordeal
5.2.1 trial by water
5.2.2 trial by combat
5.2.3 trial by fire
5.3 Blamed bad occurrences on women being witches.
5.3.1 women accused of being witches were burned
6 The crusades
6.1 A series of "holy wars"
6.2 Christians vs Muslamic
6.3 Over the holy land (Jerusalem)
6.4 The war of the cross and the cresent
6.5 The crusaders went on the crusade because they belived that God wanted them to.
6.6 Leader of the Muslims was Saladin
6.7 The first crusade was somewhat successful but the others not
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