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Mind Map on Brazil (Revision- Geography end of unit test), created by Arthur Trotter on 29/11/2017.

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1 The 4 areas of Brazil
1.1 North-East Brazil
1.2 Coastal lowlands
1.3 Brazilian Highlands
1.4 Amazon Rainforest
2 Location
2.1 South America
2.1.1 Biggest country in South America
2.2 Equator goes through the top
3 Rainforest
3.1 Shrub layer
3.1.1 Under-canopy Canopy Emergents
3.2 Canopy is the thickest layer
3.3 It is a tropical Rainforest
3.4 The plants have to fight for sunlight
3.4.1 This is because all the plants are so well adapted for growing it the conditions that they are in
4 Convection Rainfall Cycle
4.1 Cumulus clouds producing rain
4.1.1 Cumulo-nimbus clouds
4.2 Think about the water cycle
4.3 Very high rain clouds
4.3.1 Sometimes over 10km high
4.4 The sun is nearly overhead all year round
4.5 Water droplets collide and grow bigger
4.5.1 They become too heavy to stay suspended in the air
5 The oceans around Brazil
5.1 Atlantic Ocean
5.1.1 South Atlantic
5.2 Pacific Ocean
6 Cities
6.1 Capital is: Brasília
6.2 Rio is one of the biggest cities
6.2.1 4 zones in Rio Barra Was empty 15 years ago South Zone Lots of crime Rochina 1/3rd of Rio’s population live in favelas New Favelas
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