Indian Ocean Tsunami
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Indian Ocean Tsunami
1 Short Term Effects
1.1 2 million homeless
1.2 Infrastructure greatly destroyed
1.3 230,000 deaths
1.4 5-6 million in need of emergency water, food and medical supplies
1.5 650,000 peoplewere seriously injured
2 Long Term Effects
2.1 Economic Factors
2.1.1 Fishermen's livlihood lost
2.1.2 Tourism industry destroyed
2.2 Environmental Factos
2.2.1 Seawater makes soil infertile
2.2.2 Sand dunes, coal reefs and forests made infertile
2.3 Diseases such as cholera and dysentery spread
3 Immediate Responses
3.1 5 million relocated to aid camps
3.2 Bodies buried in mass graves in the street in order to get rid of them
3.3 Soldiers, planes and ships sent to counties in order to distribute food and help victims
4 Long Term Responses
4.1 Early warning system panted in the middle of the Indian Ocean, costing $12 million
4.2 $7 billion provided by NGOs and governments all across the world
4.3 Disaster Management Plans set in place and volunteers trained
4.4 Plans were set up to spend £190 million to build 20,000 horses
5 26th December 2004
6 Measured 9.1 on the Richter scale according to US Geological Survey

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