Photosynthesis and Plant nutrition

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Photosynthesis and Plant nutrition
1 Photosynthesis is the chemical reaction that occurs in plants to enable them to produce glucose in the presence of sunlight
1.1 Light Energy - Chemical Energy
1.2 Carbon Dioxide + Water -> Glucose + Oxygen
1.2.1 6CO2 + 6H2O ->C6H12O6 + 6O2
2 There are three variables that affect the rate of photosynthesis
2.1 Amount of Carbon Dioxide
2.2 Light intensity
2.3 Temperature
3 Structure of the leaf - From top to bottom of the leaf
3.1 1.The epidermis is thin and transparent, so allows light to reach the palisade cells
3.2 2. Waxy Cutical protects the leaf without blocking out the light
3.3 3. The palisade cell absorbs the light
3.4 4. The spongy layer allows CO2 to diffuse through and also provides a large surface area
3.5 5. The palisade cells contain Chloroplasts which are the part of the cell which absorbs the light
4 4 Minerals are needed by plants
4.1 Magnesium
4.1.1 In chloroplasts - needed for chlorophyll
4.1.2 Leaves turn yellow when not enough is present
4.2 Phosphate
4.2.1 Used in respiration and growth
4.2.2 key part in DNA
4.2.3 Discoloured leaves show not enough is present
4.3 Potassium
4.3.1 Used in respiration and photosynthesis
4.3.2 Poor flower or fruit yield shows not enough is present
4.4 Nitrates
4.4.1 needed for amnio acids
4.4.2 Yellow leaves means a lack of it
5 Starch test
5.1 Soften leaf in boiling water for 1 min, place leaf in tube of ethanol, after 5 mins take it out and rinse in HOT water, spread leaf out and cover lightly with an iodine solution. See what colour it is
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