2.2 Environmental Effects

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2.2 Environmental Effects
1 Traffic congestion
1.1 Cities such as London suffer most causing EXTERNAL COSTS
1.2 The USA is predicted to have the most carbon dioxide produced in 2030
1.3 cities suffer from external costs most
2 External Costs
2.1 When what a business's activities cause harmful effects on people who are not involved in the production.
2.1.1 e.g. when a factory is dumping waste in the river with a fishing lake at the bottom, the fishermen are losing money because the fish are dead.
2.1.2 e.g. when there is traffic in London and the cars are polluting the air and the local people that live there are breathing it in and getting breathing problems.
3 Air and noise pollution
3.1 Agriculture
3.1.1 fertiliser
3.1.2 animal waste
3.2 Manufacturing
3.2.1 factories
3.2.2 power plants
3.3 Transport
3.3.1 cars
3.3.2 aeroplanes
3.3.3 trains
3.3.4 buses
3.4 natural pollutants
3.4.1 wildfires
3.4.2 volcanoes
3.4.3 lightning
3.5 Noise pollution
3.5.1 Can be from cars, machinery or animals
3.5.2 can cause stress to animals as well as people
3.5.3 Can produce EXTERNAL COSTS
4 Non-renewable resources
4.1 Many natural resources used by businesses are either scarce or non-renewable.
4.2 Only a limited amount of them
4.3 e.g. Fossil fuels
5 Global warming
5.1 Causing Global Warming
5.2 Ice melting, sea levels rising, causing water shortages and then interfere with crop growth.
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