Renewable energy resources

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GCSE Physics Mind Map on Renewable energy resources, created by taylor2em on 06/04/2013.

Created by taylor2em over 6 years ago
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Renewable energy resources
1 Hydroelectricity
1.1 Usually involves flooding a valley by building a dam (Building a dam is VERY expensive!
1.2 Rainwater is caught and allowed out through turbines
1.3 When MORE electricity is needed, more water can be let out through the turbine
2 Wave Power
2.1 Waves go UP and DOWN which can be used to drive a generator
2.2 It's fairly unreliable, (it's weather dependant)
2.3 It doesn't produce huge amounts of energy, but it can be useful at small villages
3 Tidal Barrages
3.1 They're big dams built across river estuaries with turbines in them
3.2 The water drives the turbine
3.3 Very reliable, but extremely expensive to set up!
4 Wind Power
4.1 The wind turns the blades
4.2 There's no pollution!
4.3 Spoils the view and very noisy
4.4 Only work when it's WINDY
5 Solar Cells
5.1 Used to generate electricity on a SMALL scale
5.2 Often used in remote places
5.3 In sunny countries they are very reliable
6 Geothermal energy
6.1 Only possible in places where hot rocks lie close to the surface
6.2 Water is pumped in pipes down to hot rocks
6.3 Water gets heated up and turns into steam to drive a generator
6.4 Very expensive
6.5 No enviromental problems and it's a brilliant way of producing energy

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