A View from the Bridge

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A View from the Bridge
1 'What's with the heels Garbo?'
2 'My B!'
3 'You want something else Eddie, and you can never have her!'
4 'When am I going to be your wife again Eddie?'
5 'Love a doll that's not your own' -Paperdoll
6 Arthur Miller
6.1 1955
6.2 Housewife/feminist
6.3 Brooklyn Bridge
7 Form/Structure
7.1 1 Act Drama
7.2 Alferi start/end -Fate
7.3 Truth is revealed at the end
7.4 Starts on the street/dies on the street
8 Stage directions
8.1 'He dies in her arms'
8.2 'Eddie is downstage, watching as she pour the spoonful of sugar into his cup, his face puffed with trouble, and the room dies'
8.3 'For a powerful emotion is upon him, a childish one and a knowing fear'
8.4 'Grabs Eddie's face in her hands.'Mm! You're an angel! God'll bless you'
8.5 'With a sense of her childhood, her babyhood'
9 'As I watched it run it's bloody course'
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