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Grassland - LC Ag Science
1 General Information
1.1 Categories of Grassland
1.1.1 Rough Mountain or Hill Botanical Composition Productivity Levels Stocking Rates
1.1.2 Permanent Grassland / Pastures Botannical Composition Productivity Levels Stocking Rates
1.1.3 Leys Botanical Composition Productivity Levels Stocking Rates
1.2 Grass Structure
1.3 Characteristics of grass
1.3.1 Productivity
1.3.2 Palatability
1.3.3 Digestibility
1.4 Common Grass Species
1.4.1 Identification
1.4.2 Clovers
2 Grazing & Grassland Management
2.1 Methods of Grazing
2.1.1 Rotational Strip Grazing Paddock Grazing Leader Follower
2.1.2 Non - Rotational Set Stocking Zero Grazing
2.1.3 Could Compliment Rotational / Non Rotatinal Creep Mixed Grazing
3 Sowing & Reseeding Grassland
3.1 Benefits of & Reasons for Reseeding
3.2 Methods of sowing & reseeding
3.2.1 Direct Sowing
3.2.2 Undersowing
3.2.3 Direct Drilling / Direct Seeding
3.2.4 Slurry Seeding
3.2.5 Slit Seeding / Stitching In
4 Conservation of Grassland
4.1 Fermentation
4.1.1 Silage Making Biochemistry of Principles of Silage Making Storage & Waste Management Assessment of silage
4.2 Dehydration
4.2.1 Hay Making Biochemistry of Principles of Hay Making Storage & Waste Management
4.3 Fermentation & dehydration
4.3.1 Haylage Biochemistry of Principles of Making Haylage Storage & Waste Managemnt
5 Practical Experiments
5.1 To Determine DM
5.2 To Assess Silage Quality
5.3 To Calculate Grass yield in an area
5.4 To Determine Sugar concentration of Grass
5.5 To Extract Pigments in Chlorophyll
5.6 To Show the Presence of Rhizobium in root nodules of Clover
5.7 Assess Botanical Composition
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