Crude Oils and fuels

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Created by BubbleandSqueak over 6 years ago
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Crude Oils and fuels
1 Most compounds are hydrocarbons
1.1 Only contain hydrogen and carbon
1.2 Covalent bonds
1.3 Most hydrocarbons in crude oil are alkanes
1.3.1 Alkane general formula: CnH2n + 2 Number of hydrogen atoms is double the no. of carbon + 2
1.3.2 Alkanes are saturated hydrocarbons=carbon atoms are joined by single bond
2 Fractional distillation
2.1 Hot at bottom and cool at top
2.2 Higher boiling points condense at bottom
2.3 Lower boiling points condense at top
3 Burning Petrol
3.1 Creates carbon monoxide
3.1.1 TOXIC!!
3.2 Non-renewable
3.3 Causes global dimming
3.3.1 Particulates (particles of carbon) reflect light back to space
3.4 Petrol includes: sulphur + oxygen = sulphur dioxide
3.4.1 This causes acid rain
4 Burning hydrogen
4.1 No pollutants
4.2 No extra CO2 added to air
4.3 Only releases water!
5 Biodiesel
5.1 Made from plants and animal oils
5.2 Carbon neutral
5.2.1 Same amount of carbon dioxide released in combustion as is absorbed in photoynthesis
5.3 Products = food for cattle and soap
5.4 Destroys animal habitats
5.5 Uses land that could have been used for food production
6 Nuclear power
6.1 Uses a fuel called uranium
6.2 Uranium put in rods that are placed in water
6.3 Nuclear reactions takes place when removed from water
6.4 Heats water to produce steam that turns turbine
7 Of coal, oil and gas, coal produces the most CO2
8 Renewable energy
8.1 Hydroelectricity
8.1.1 Pumped storage Not a way of generating electricity - a way of STORING it!!
8.2 Wind energy
8.3 Solar energy

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