Renaissance music

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This is a mind map to get all the most important information about the Renaissance music. There are images to create links to new vocabulary as well as notes in some of the knots.

Resource summary

Renaissance music
  1. Social issues
    1. Meaning
      1. Re-birth of ancient Greece and Rome values
      2. When
        1. XV and XVI cent.
        2. Where
          1. Discoveries
            1. Things
                1. Annotations:

                  • Printing press: This invention was very helpful for the musicians and for the people who wanted to learn music (they could learn musica and play, song and dance at home or in social gatherings).
                2. Places
                3. Commerce
                  1. Music Facts
                      1. Link between lyrics nd music
                        1. To reflect feelings and moods
                    1. Polyphony
                      1. Vocal music
                        1. Choir
                        2. Instrumental music
                          1. Annotations:

                            • Consort: a consort is a group of instruments that belong to the same family biut with different highs. In this image there is a string consort.
                          2. Instructions manual
                            1. To play or sing at home or in social gatherings
                          3. Vocal music
                            1. Religious
                              1. Artists depends on
                                  1. No instruments
                                    1. A capella choir
                                    2. Composers
                                      1. Josquin des Prez
                                        1. G.P. de Palestrina
                                        2. Music forms


                                          • The most used music forms in the religious Renaissance music were: Motet an Mass.
                                          • Motet: several voices singning at the same time and in latin.
                                          • Mass: Choral composition. in latin about the main prayers of the Eucharistic liturgy.
                                        3. Secular
                                          1. National styles
                                              1. Madrigal


                                                • Language: Italian. Number of voices: 2 to 8. Main composer: C. Gesualdo.
                                                1. Chanson


                                                  • Language: French. Number of voices: 4. Main composer: C. Jannequin.
                                                  1. Villancico


                                                    • Language: Spanish. Number of voices: 4. Main composer: Juan del Encina.
                                            1. Instrumental music
                                              1. Main intruments
                                                1. Brass
                                                  1. Woodwid
                                                    1. String
                                                          1. Vihuela
                                                      1. Percussion
                                                      2. Consort


                                                        • The consort could be: Broken or Whole.
                                                        • Broken consort: If the instrumenst belong to differents families.
                                                        • Whole consort: If all the instruments belong to the same family.
                                                        1. Music forms
                                                          1. Variation
                                                              1. Diferencias


                                                                • Luys de Narvaez.
                                                        2. Printed music
                                                          1. Who used this?
                                                            1. Noblemen
                                                            2. Why was it better than handwritting?
                                                              1. No errors
                                                                1. Cheaper
                                                                  1. Accurate
                                                                  2. What for?
                                                                    1. Singing and playing at home or in social gatherings
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