Society and Culture

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Society and Culture
1 Escapism
1.1 Governments
1.1.1 The Problem: Trust, and the relationship between citizens and their government is an important element of a well governed society. If there is a lack of trust, citizens become sceptical about their political system, people will be less likely to follow the ideals of the government. The Solution: In order to build more trust in the government, they must become more transparent, accountable, responsive and responsible for the society and their needs Communication With the use of campaigns and press release the government could work on their relationship with the public. They do need to be careful in how they communicate and in what tone as they need to convince the public that they are to be trusted. Possibly be persuasive when addressing the issue of escapism. The audience is the local community and the government works directly with the public. This is done on a local scale and possibly by the city hall. The information is from one (government) to many (public) or in some particular cases, one-on-one.
1.2 Society
1.2.1 Trust in institution will all but evaporate and the speed of change will leave people longing for the past” Communication People usually voice their opinion about the “loss of trust” in th government also through protests. People might use blogs and generally use social media
1.3 Organisations/Companies
1.3.1 As people are looking back into the past to escape their futures, businesses may use this as an opportunity to create services or products to cater these new needs. If people are trying to “escape”, companies selling technology, such as gaming, will increase sales as people are trying to get away from reality. Communication Through advertisements again, encouraging and persuading the customers to purchase the goods and services that will essentially help them “escape” from reality,
2 Science as a New Religion
2.1 Governments
2.1.1 There could be potential clashes between citizens and government members themselves. This will make the process of imposing laws more difficult as there is a potential new way of thinking now. Communication The government could possibly use the media to share and filter upcoming information about this. They should release laws to border new technologies (eg. GRIN). They need to assure the public that they are putting restrictions on these new and upcoming technologies. The audience is the local community and the government works directly with the public. This is done on a local scale and possibly by the city hall. The information is from one (government) to many (public).
2.2 Society
2.2.1 It is difficult for some people to understand and accept this new “religion”. If people argue that it is intact not a religion, There will be even more clashes between various religions. New issues may even arise because of it. Who actually gets to decide whether it is considered a religion or not? Communication People will undoubtedly begin to argue about religion. People will voice their opinions with protests. People demand a definitive truth in regards to science, this will encourage people to innovate and the overal spread of ideas will increase.
2.3 Organisations/Companies
2.3.1 Organisations or companies engaging in science will have an increase in sales and funding as people will requiring more and more information and research. More people will be enquired to fund for upcoming research to keep the “religion” updated
2.3.2 Communication The companies will have to keep the public (external parties) informed of what they are researching and of course, what is being done with the invested money.
3 Urbanisation
3.1 Governments
3.1.1 large cities will become overpopulated where as small cities and towns will become less and less inhabited Communication Through the use of campaigns and press releases the government would be able to communicatie with the public. They must remain sympathetic yet assertive as the issue must be addressed. The audience is the local community and the government works directly with the public. This is done on a local scale and possibly by the city hall. The information is from one (government) to many (public).
3.2 Society
3.2.1 socially isolated people -> tend to be at greater risk of health issues, from mood disorders like depression to stress-related chronic conditions like heart disease Communication People will be complaining and voicing their concern regarding the overpopulation in urban areas and this could potentially be done through the the use of protests.
3.3 Organisations/Companies
3.3.1 People who move to larger cities often have a much higher income than people living in rural areas, these people will quickly start looking for places to spend their money , for example on durable goods, such as homes and furniture, also on discretionary purchases, like clothes and electronics Communication New products to cater for the new needs of the emerging (single homes) market will be advertised to inform the new potential customers of these new products.
4 Smarter Technology
4.1 Governments
4.1.1 Jobs within the government will decrease as more jobs are being done by machines. Once technology can make better decisions than humans, without emotions, then they could potentially take over the government.
4.1.2 Communication Much like science as a new religion, the government will need to impose new laws regarding new technologies. People are afraid of the loss of humanity as technology advances. The government must assure these people that it is under control.
4.2 Society
4.2.1 People will become less social and interactive human activity will slowly disappear. Materialism, consumption, depression will become enhanced. social relationships, Whereas happiness, tenacity and longing of personal thoughts will be lostt
4.2.2 Communication Due to the fact that technology is advancing and less information is communicated by an actual person.
4.3 Organisations/Comanies
4.3.1 Smart devices continue to increase in popularity, meaning any companies involved with this kind of technology will have an increase in sales and market power. Companies could take the opportunity to infiltrate new markets, increasing globalisation. Opportunities for technology companies are endless.
4.3.2 Communication Companies would use different types of marketing to encourage many new potential customers to buy their products. Both below-the-line and above-the-line advertising could be used in order to do this.

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