Vietnam War 1954-74

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Created by sarahstephens1 about 5 years ago
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Vietnam War 1954-74
1 Who were the Vietcong?
2 South Vietamese people who fought for communism in the south.
3 Who was Ho Chi Min?
4 The communist leader of north Vietnam who struggled against the french rule.
5 What was the Ho Chi Min trail?
6 The trail used to supply VC troops in the south with resources from the North.
7 Briefly explain the theories of gurella warfare.
8 - smaller forces could support stronger ones - need public support - harassing and weakening the enemy
9 Tactics of gurilla warfare
10 - Ambushing and harassing - setting booby traps - dressing up as peasants
11 What was the strategic Hamlet programme?
12 A programme that moved peasants from Vietcong controlled areas to south governed areas.
13 What was the tet offensive?
14 A large communist offensive on over 100 towns and cities, a large loss for the Vietcong however a shock to the Americans. Huge losses on both sides.
15 What was operation rolling thunder
16 A major american offensive booming operation.
17 What was agent orange?
18 A chemical weapon used to destroy the forest, it burned through skin and bone on contact.
19 What was napalm?
20 A chemical that stuck onto skin and burns at high temperatures.
21 US death toll
22 58,000
23 Vietcong death toll
24 3.1 million

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