English 3rd Year- First Term

Antonella Sabrina Ferrari
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Antonella Sabrina Ferrari
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Planning and map of the First Term

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English 3rd Year- First Term
  1. Social Skills
    1. Comparing photos of people eating
      1. Discussing thi ngs which keep us safe
        1. Comparing photos of people listening to music
        2. Writing
          1. Expository essay
            1. Story
            2. Use of English
              1. Modal verbs of advice, obligation, permission and ability
                1. Reported speech (statements, questions, reporting verbs)
                  1. Defining and non-defining relative clauses
                    1. Word transformation
                    2. Vocabulary
                      1. Sport - Phrasal verbs with Take
                        1. The weather- Natural disasters- Talking about risk and danger - Phrasal verb with Out
                          1. Talking about Music - prefixes for verbs- suffixes to form adjectives
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