What is HACCAP?


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What is HACCAP?
  1. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point
    1. It is a Legal guidelne and all food and safety management should be based upon HACCAP.
      1. Employee Responsibilites following HACCAP, The seven principles of HACCAP
        1. Conduct a Hazard Analysis
          1. Determine the critical control points (CCPs)
            1. Establish Critical Limits
              1. Establish a system to monitor control of each CCP
                1. Establish corrective actions when monitoring indicates that a particular CCP is not under control
                  1. Establish procedures for verification to confirm that HACCAP system is working properly
                    1. Establish documentation and records of all the procedures relevant to the HACCAP principles
        2. All systems must be based on HACCAP. This is international recognised food safety management system that looks at identifying the critical points or stages in any process and identifying hazards that could occur.
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