Psychology - Harlow 1958 - 'MONKEY'


Psychology AS - Harlow 1958
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Psychology - Harlow 1958 - 'MONKEY'
  1. Newborn monkeys bonding with mothers.
    1. Infants highly dependent on mother for nutrition, comfort and socialization.
      1. "What was basis of bond?"
      2. Infant monkeys reared in isolation.
        1. Some died, others were frightened and behaved in an abnormal manner. Later on in their lives, they couldn't interact with other monkeys.
        2. Infant monkeys reared with surrogate mothers.
          1. 8 Monkeys put into separate surrogate mothers. One made from wire and the other covered with soft towel. 4 monkeys got milk from the wire mother and four from the cloth. The animals were studied for 165 days. Overall, the monkeys spent more time with the cloth monkey and only went to the wire monkey when they were hungry. The cloth monkey was being used as a "safe base"
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