Why did Hatshepsut undertake a building program?

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Why did Hatshepsut undertake a building program?
1 Reasons
1.1 To repair buildings
1.2 To construct new monuments
1.3 To complete existing buildings
2 Sources
2.1 Modern Historians
2.1.1 Tyldesly says Deir el Bahri is one of Hatshepsut’s main achievements and "a building which is still regarded as one of the most beautiful in the world".
2.1.2 Stiendorff & Steele
2.1.3 Gardiner
2.1.4 Calender
2.2 Ancient Written
2.3 Ancient Archaeological
2.4 Buildings
2.4.1 Speos Artemidos (Beni Hasan)
2.4.2 Deir el Bahri Djeser Djeseru Mortuary Temple "holiest of the holies" Why did she build it? (1) A place where Egyptians could carry out offerings to her after she died (2) A dedication to Amun and to a lesser extent, gods Hathor, Anubis and Re-Horakhte (3) As a Mortuary temple for her father Thutmose I (4) Became a place where Hatshepsut could justify her claims to the throne and advertise her major achievements Divine Birth and Coronation reliefs Expedition to Punt relief
2.4.3 Karnak 4 Obelisks The Red Chapel 8th Pylon
2.4.4 Hatshepsut's tombs
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