Qin Dynasty 221-206 BC

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A-Levels China history Mind Map on Qin Dynasty 221-206 BC, created by jacksearle on 06/15/2013.

Created by jacksearle over 6 years ago
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Qin Dynasty 221-206 BC
1 Key Figures
1.1 First Emperor of Qin
1.1.1 Qin Shihuang 221-210 BC
1.2 Second emperor of Qin
1.2.1 Qin Er Shi 210-207 BC
1.3 First Chancellor
1.3.1 Li Si 221-208 BC
1.4 Second Chancellor
1.4.1 Zhao Gao 208-207 BC
2 Key events
2.1 Unification of China 221 BC
2.2 Death of first emperor Qin Shihuang 210 BC
2.3 Surrender to Liu Band 206 BC
3 What Caused Change
3.1 Beginning of Dynasty
3.1.1 Mid - late 3rd Century BC Qin accomplished series of swift conquests Firstly ending the powerless Zhou Dynasty By 221 BC conquered 6 remaining major states Created unified China under Qin Dynasty
3.2 End of Dynasty
3.2.1 When first emperor died in 210 BC Son was put in place by 2 previous advisors 2 advisors repeatedly argued Caused their deaths and the 2nd emperor's death Popular revolt broke out few years later Weakened empire soon fell to Chu Who founded Han Dynasty
4 Significance of dynasty
4.1 Increased trade
4.2 improved agriculture
4.3 Improved military security
4.3.1 Due to abolition of landowning Lords Central govt now had direct control of masses Had access to much larger workforce Allowed for building of ambitious projects e.g Great Wall of China
4.4 Several reforms
4.4.1 Currency, weights and measures standardised
4.4.2 Better system of writing established
4.5 Revolutionary Military
4.5.1 Used the most recently developed weaponry, transport and tactics

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