Governance in Singapore

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Governance in Singapore
1 Principles of Governance
1.1 Anticipate Change and Stay Relevant
1.1.1 Predict what may happen in the world that can hurt Singapore Government can prepare different alternative solutions to possible problems that may arise Singapore is well-prepared for all circumstances increase Singapore’s chances of success and survival.
1.1.2 example Singapore decided to build the 2 Integrated Resorts give Singapore an edge over its neighbours in attracting tourists and help boost Singapore’s tourism sector The decision ensures Singapore stays ahead in regional tourism and our economy can continue to growth
1.2 Leadership is Key
1.2.1 Good leadership ~ Leaders are honest and capable Ensure correct policies and decisions are made good for Singapore’s long-term survival and prosperity.
1.2.2 example Mr Ong Teng Cheong, who was an architect was selected as he is honest and capable.
1.3 Reward for Work, Work for Reward
1.3.1 government rewards those who do well meritocracy encourage people to work harder and for talented people to stay in Singapore since they are rewarded Larger talent pool in Singapore to contribute to Singapore’s Success.
1.3.2 Example Students in the top 25% of the cohort and given the Edusave award.
1.4 A Stake for Everyone, Opportunity for All
1.4.1 Every citizen feel that their views are valued This makes Singaporeans feel a part of Singapore gives them a sense of ownership and belonging to Singapore
1.4.2 Example building casino in the integrated resort 2004
2 Ageing Population
2.1 individual
2.1.1 financially prepared
2.1.2 healthy lifestyle
2.2 family support
2.2.1 senior citizen week promote positive attitude toward ageing build strong and stable families
2.3 community help
2.3.1 Eg. Home Nursing Foundation for Elderly
2.3.2 members of community students, housewives, retirees offer free health checks and organize recreactional activites elderly remain physically, mentally, socially active
2.4 government support
2.4.1 Tribunal for the Maintenance of Parents parent able to get financial support from children who are able to support them but aren't doing so
2.4.2 Public Housing Scheme 1st time buyers get grants if they buy flat in area parents live
2.4.3 Central Provident Fund
2.4.4 Tax relief
3 Population Policy
3.1 need to promote growth?
3.1.1 unattractive to multinational company small population, not able to produce enough talented people to sustain development smaller talent pool, smaller consumer market lesser profit for companies
3.1.2 ageing population fewer babies, fewer young people, more elderly heavier burden on working people
3.1.3 singapore's defence need small population, fewer men to recruit for NS weaken Singapore's defense force
3.2 after 1980
3.2.1 Attracting Foreign Talent subsidized housing and education package for children create more jobs and increase productivity
3.2.2 Pro-family Measure maternity leave extended to 12 weeks 5 day work for civil servent grandparent caregiver relief equalized medical benefits mixed reaction not in favour amount of work remains the same happy more time to spent with family
3.2.3 3 or more if you can afford encourage more children per family government was cautious after 1985 recession able to use Medisave for delivery charges relieve financial burden not many were willing due to increase cost of living, healthcare, education
3.2.4 Graduate Mother Scheme female grad are marrying later and bearing fewer children scheme: encourage more children by giving money and support unhappiness: less grad felt neglected scheme withdrawn in 1986
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