Belief About Deity

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Why do people believe in God?
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Belief About Deity
1 Christians are monotheists.
1.1 Only believe in one god
2 God is eternal, omnipotent, omniscient, and benevolent
2.1 Omnipotent: god is all powerful
2.2 Omniscient: god is all knowing
2.3 benevolent: god is all good
2.4 Eternal; has no beginning or end
3 God is the creator and judge of all
4 God in 3 forms; Father, Son, Holy Spirit
4.1 God the Father created the world, loves everyone like a father
4.2 God the Son, came down to earth, sacrificed himself to free man of all their sins and was resurrected
4.3 God the Holy Spirit, gives courage and helps, exists in those who have faith, normally symbolised as being a Dove, symbol of Peace
5 Reasons Christians Give For Believing in God!
5.1 The Cosmological Argument: the universe must have been made by God because it couldn't have been made itself.
5.2 The design argument: the universe has evidence of being designed according to plan, supported by the story of Paleys watch
5.2.1 William Paley came up with the design theory. He suggested that if you found a pockey watch and opened the back up, you would see evidence of a skilful watchmaker, a desugner. He then said if you look at the earth, you have to conclude that there is a skilful designer that designed it. This he argues has to be God
5.3 Morality: right and wrong and our knowledge about existing
5.4 Personal experience
5.5 Family Upbringing
5.6 The first cause theory. This theory simply means that God is the first cause. You can't have something beginning from nothing. God caused the big bang!
6 Reasons Non-believers give for not believing in God.
6.1 The universe could of began by chance
6.2 Being brought up to believe God doesn't exist
6.3 Some things in the world are badly dsigned
6.4 Not everyone understands right and wrong in the same way.
6.5 evolution
7 Miracles
7.1 something which breaks the rules of natural law
7.2 Most Christians belief that Jesus performed miracles during his life to show that he is the son of God
7.3 The greatest miracle: the resurrection of God. Most Christians believe that Jesus coming back to life was the biggest miracle.
7.4 Other miracles that Jesus performed was: turning water into wine, fed the 5 thousand, and gave a blind man his sight
7.5 Many Christians visit Lourdes today in the hope they might receive a miracle

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