Bonding Singapore

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Bonding Singapore
1 Building a National Identity
1.1 Multi Racialism
1.1.1 Policy of Multi Racialism promotes equality among the races, with no special rights granted to any particular racial or religious group. Everyone has equal opportunities to succeed,regardless of their background Protected by the constitution A sense of National Identity in Singaporeans is created as everyone is seen as a valued member of society.
1.2 Common Practices
1.2.1 Actions that Singaporeans carry out together Singing the National Anthem, Taking the Pledge and attending the flag raising ceremony Helps to foster national identity. Inculcating loyalty and national pride towards Singapore is one way to get Singaporeans to see themselves as one people.
1.3 Bilingualism
1.3.1 Introduced in schools in 1996. Students expected to learn English and their own Mother tongue. English is used as the language to link different ethnic groups while MT is used to impart moral values and cultural traditions of each race. Use of english helped improve communication among Singaporeans.
2 Safeguarding the Interests of Minority Groups
2.1 Minority Representation
2.1.1 Gives minority groups a say in Governance. Also a way to safeguard the interests of Minority Groups Eg Presidential Council of Minority Rights (PCMR) and The Group Representation Constituency (GRC) PCMR consists of members from minority and religious groups. Ensures that no racial or religious group is disadvantaged as a result of a law that is passed in Parliament. GRC ensures that at least one of the candidates in the team contesting in the General Election is from the minority and racial communities such as Malay, Indian or Eurasian. Ensures that the minority racial groups are represented in the Parliament.
2.2 Self Help Groups
2.2.1 Self help groups give moral support to members of their own community and provide help to the less fortunate to get aid in their studies and training for their jobs Examples: Mendaki and the Eurasian Association This helps Singaporeans to cope and compete with one another on an equal footing. They will be able to improve their social and economic positions in the society
3 Developing Common Space
3.1 Events/Programmes by grassroots org
3.1.1 People's Association create common space through their wide range of programmes and activities developed to cater to the needs and interests of every Singaporean. Eg Home visit/stay opportunity with a host family from another ethnic group. Allows participants to gain a better understanding of the cultures and customs of other races. With mutual respect, strong friendship can be built over time.
3.2 Opportunities offered by educational institutions.
3.2.1 Students of different race and religion study together. The daily interaction that takes place in schools provides an opportunity for friendships to be cultivated and strengthened. Co-curricular activities (CCA) in schools promote closer bonds among youths. The variety of activities in CCAs provide opportunities for students to work closely and understand one another. this helps to build teamwork among them.
3.3 Common Living Space
3.3.1 Ethnic Integration Policy : puts a limit on the proportion of races in every neighbourhood and block. Ensures that there is an even distribution of races in all the housing estates. Living together in the same neighbourhood provides opportunities for people from different ethnic groups to interact.
3.4 Inter-Racial Conferences (IRCCs) and Harmony Circles (HCs)
3.4.1 Visits to places of Worship, create opportunities for Singaporeans to appreciate their differences and develop strong bonds among different ethnic and religious communities.
3.5 National Service
3.5.1 Requires all able bodied men to serve in the defence of the country. The shared experiences ,for example going through military training during National Service help to strengthen the bond among the men.
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