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Between a rock and a hard place, Aron ralston


3º de ESO Inglés Mind Map on Between a rock and a hard place, Aron ralston, created by lucia larrain on 05/08/2018.
lucia larrain
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lucia larrain
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Between a rock and a hard place, Aron ralston
  1. Line 1 and 2: "Drop-off" "geometry" "overhang" = (Semantic field about rock climbing)
    1. Line 3: "Refrigerator chockstone" - "Chock" = (To stop something from moving)
      1. Subtitle: "He had not informed anyone of his hiking plans" = (Foreshadowing to prepare the reader of whats coming next)
        1. 1st paragraph: (The narrator is very experienced, detailed description)
          1. Line 8 and 9: “sometimes in narrow passages like this one, it’s possible for me to stem my body across the slot, with my feet and back pushing out in opposite directions against the walls = (vivid imagery)
            1. Line 10-14: (very descriptive)
              1. Line 15-19: (infrequently planning his rout being careful)
                1. Line 20: “stemming across the canyon at the lip of the drop-off” = (the reader feels more knowledgable knowing what the narrator is talking about)
                  1. Line 20-24: (tells us very calculated steps to not put himself in danger)
                    1. Line 25-28: (very preside instructions for us to imagine something very technical and perhaps something we have never done)
                      1. Line 29-32: (he has committed an error but he instantly corrected it. Alluding to his experience)
                        1. Line 32: “the blacklit chockstone falling towards my head consumes the sky” = (personification of rock)
                          1. Line 33 and 34: “fear shoots my hands over my head” “my only hope is to push off the falling rock and get my head out of its way” = (self preservation, shows he is calm)
                            1. Line 35: “time dilates, as if I’m dreaming, and my reactions decelerate” = (simile, as he sees all in slow motion he uses a lot of punctuation to show his time.)
                              1. Line 36: “the rock smashes my left hand against the south wall” = (personification of being trapped he uses a lot of verbs, all violence caught by the rock
                                1. Line 40 and 41: “then silence” = (unfinished silence)
                                  1. Line 44: “good god, my hand” = ( very controlled, understated)
                                    1. Line 46 and 47: “I yank my arm 3 times in a naive attempt to pull it out. But I’m stuck” = (even though he is in agony he tries to process what just occurred)
                                      1. Line 48: “anxiety has my brain tweaking” = (it is difficult to control, seeming like he has started to loose control)
                                        1. Line 48 and 49: “ I’m frantic, and I cry out” = (1 time seeing him loose control)
                                          1. Line 52 and 53: “ I’ll have to free myself with brute force” = (He’s having to change the way he acts, to escape the situation)
                                            1. Line 55: “Twelve-inch shelf” = (description Back to using scientific semantic field. He is back to his normal self, thinking clearly as he is using key-words)
                                              1. Line 56: “Come on...move!” = ( oral imagery, to push himself on)
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