Organizational Learning

Juan Sebastián Vallejo Rodríguez
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Mind Map on Organizational Learning, created by Juan Sebastián Vallejo Rodríguez on 05/09/2018.

Juan Sebastián Vallejo Rodríguez
Created by Juan Sebastián Vallejo Rodríguez over 1 year ago
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Organizational Learning
1 Levels of learning in organizations
1.1 High Level
1.1.1 Heuristics and insights
1.1.2 Differenciated Structures to deal with control
1.1.3 Nonroutine
1.2 Low level
1.2.1 Repetition
1.2.2 High control over tasks
1.2.3 Routines
1.3 Who Learns?
1.3.1 Individual Team Organization
2 Capacity of an organization to aquire, share, use an store important knowlege
2.1 Requires team mindset, effective to reach training and adaptation in a group
2.1.1 Overcomes limitations
2.2 Aquire knowledge
2.2.1 Congenital, Experiential, Vicarious, Grafting, Noticing
2.3 Unlearn
2.3.1 Learners discard knowledge for new responses and mental maps
2.4 Routines and capabilities
2.4.1 Routines to learn routines Through, processes, norms, rules
2.5 Absorbtive capacity
2.5.1 The ability to incorporate and apply information

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